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  • July 6-17, 2020

    Khmelnitsky, UKRAINE


The International Teachers Institute operates as a joint venture between the Department of Education (Khmelnitsky Oblast) in Ukraine and the Canadian charity, “International Teachers Institute”. Canadian teachers volunteer their expertise and experience in the teaching of English. UK and USA teachers join the team as they are able.

The focus is to develop fluency and comfort in reading, speaking and listening skills.

Attention is turned to introducing and practicing a variety of teaching methods to add to a teacher’s own repertoire. During each day, teachers participate in new methods and evaluate them as to their practicality and usefulness in their classrooms. Since teachers are keenly interested in building a strong foundation for their country, we develop the theme of “moral development that builds a society”. It is based on poetry, English prose and passages from the English Bible.


Between 1991 and 1996, the Ministries of Education in the countries of the former Soviet Union, provided Teacher Convocations in most of the significant cities across the country, entitled, Christian Ethics and Morality: A Foundation for Society. Tens of thousands of teachers attended these convocations.

Out of that initiative, two-week summer teacher institutes were inaugurated by Canadian teachers, beginning in 1993 and continuing to this day. Since 1996, these institutes have focused on teachers of English. It became known as the International Teachers Institute because its training was being held in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Teachers in this part of the world are required to participate in professional development in their own specialized field of teaching, once every five years in order to maintain their teaching credentials. The International Teachers Institute fulfills those requirements and is recognized by the regional Ministry of Education.